Strengthening the Lake Trust Foundation’s focus.

Through partnerships, scholarships, outreach programs, grants, financial assistance, and support for underserved people, the Lake Trust Foundation helps to build and sustain stronger communities and looks for opportunities to support projects that solve problems throughout Michigan.1 Since 2013, the Foundation has given over $690,000 in community grants and donations and presented a cumulative value of more than $1.8 million in scholarships to students in Michigan.

In December 2023, the Lake Trust Foundation evolved its updated Areas of Impact after the 2023 grant funding was complete. The Areas of Impact strengthened the focus of the Foundation to ensure that the time, talent, and resources gathered can most positively impact pressing issues within Michigan communities.

Areas of Impact

Empowering Entrepreneurs
Our Foundation empowers early-stage and disadvantaged entrepreneurs by providing financial aid, mentorship, and resources.

Enable Youth to Thrive
The Foundation champions foster care youth, guiding them into adulthood with tailored support, education, resources and mentorship, ensuring they not only survive but thrive in their journey toward independence.

Fostering Economic Equity
The Foundation’s commitment to economic equity drives initiatives that narrow disparities, promoting fair opportunities for all.

Attainable & Secure Housing
The Foundation supports stable housing initiatives, ensuring individuals and families have secure homes.

Strengthening Community Resilience
Fostering initiatives that support preparation and recovery from community disasters, support sustainable infrastructure projects, and tackle challenges impacting neighborhoods, ensuring the Foundation’s neighbors and communities are equipped to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and emerge stronger together.

Impact in action.

The Lake Trust Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of individuals and families in our state. To do this, the organization gives back to the community through grants, donations, partnerships, outreach programs, and support for underserved people. In 2023, the Lake Trust Foundation made a positive impact in Michigan by supporting the following programs.

Team Member Giving

Lake Trust team members who contributed to the Lake Trust Foundation through payroll deductions and/or who volunteered were invited to vote for a 501(c)3 Michigan nonprofit to receive a donation from the Lake Trust Foundation Team Member Giving Fund. The following nonprofits received a donation as part of this program:

  • Kenzie’s Be Café: This nonprofit in Grand Haven provides meaningful employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of this organization is to provide job and life skills training to help the employed individuals find further employment within the community.
  • Blessings in a Backpack: Each Friday, Blessings in a Backpack provides students who receive free or reduced-price lunch with a backpack containing several pounds of food so children can still have access to food on weekends. Meeting the nutritional needs of children allows them to focus more on school and achieve academic success.
  • City Rescue Mission of Lansing: Women, children, and men can find food, shelter, and hope at this nonprofit in the Capital City. Last year, the organization served 2,352 individuals to meet their essential needs.

Community Housing Network Basic Needs Program

The Lake Trust Foundation awarded a $12,000 grant to the Community Housing Network’s Basic Needs Program. Funding from the Lake Trust Foundation helped provide direct assistance for people to obtain and maintain housing, including utility assistance, transportation to work and healthcare appointments, emergency rental assistance, and more. Funding supported families as they transitioned from a housing crisis to thriving in their new homes.

Pink Fund Financial Bridge Program

The Lake Trust Foundation awarded a $12,500 grant to the Pink Fund’s Financial Bridge program. This funding allowed women receiving breast cancer treatment to continue to pay bills and other expenses while receiving treatment for breast cancer, reducing financial stress so they can focus on their recovery.

Impact Investing Group Impact Microfinance Fund

The Lake Trust Foundation provided a $12,500 grant to the University of Michigan’s Impact Investing Group. The grant helped this student-run organization at the University of Michigan provide low-interest microloans to minority-owned local businesses and consult services to help those businesses thrive. And educate the student members about the power of impact investing.

Love for a Child Kids Camp

Love for a Child is an organization dedicated to supporting children and families within Michigan’s foster care system. The nonprofit organizes a summer camp tailored for foster children. After the camp experience, each child then receives 10-months of one-on-one guidance facilitated by mentors proficient in trauma-informed care. Thanks to a $12,000 grant provided by the Lake Trust Foundation, fifteen foster children could participate in the transformative experience of Kids Camp and receive supportive mentorship.

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One act can make a big impact.

To raise awareness of the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation and the initiatives supported in Michigan through this nonprofit, the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation Raffle launched in October 2023. Through this ongoing fundraising effort, members can purchase Raffle tickets for $20 each and a portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales benefit the Foundation. By purchasing a Raffle ticket, members have a chance to win up to $20,000, or 33.33% of the total Raffle ticket sales during each Raffle cycle.

With continued messaging highlighting the work of the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation, the nonprofit aims to increase awareness among Lake Trust membership and the community. The goal of the Raffle is to generate a significant increase in net income for the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation each year as more people hear about and understand the impact the nonprofit makes in Michigan. With more funding, the nonprofit can support more opportunities to support wellbeing causes, like entrepreneurial education, access to fresh food, community revitalization, and post-secondary educational opportunities.

The first Raffle ran from October 23, 2023, thru November 22, 2023. Then the first drawing was held on December 12, 2023, and Maderia Q. of DeWitt was randomly selected as the winner of $12,441 in prize funds.

The Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation plans to host ongoing quarterly raffles to continue to raise funds to support giveback efforts.

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The power of what’s possible.

There’s power in dreams. In hopes. And in a vision for the future. It can be scary to take the leap to pursue a new path in life, but this decision can have a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing and on their financial situation. However, the cost to explore a new career sometimes prevents people from achieving their aspirations. To help people on this journey, a yearly scholarship program is offered through the Lake Trust Foundation.

In 2023, a total value of $116,520 in scholarships was awarded through the Lake Trust Foundation and the Lake Trust partnership with Cleary University. Since the start of the scholarship program in 2012, a cumulative value of over $1.8 million in college and trade school scholarships has been awarded to more than 60 recipients.

Michigan Impact Scholarship

The Michigan Impact Scholarship provides a full-tuition education to Cleary University for up to four years in an undergraduate or graduate degree program (valued at over $90,000). Scholarship funds can be used for any on-campus or online program, with special consideration given to applicants who plan to make an impact in the Michigan economy after graduation.

Summer Morrill of Three Rivers, Michigan was named the 2023 Michigan Impact Scholarship recipient. She plans to study project management and use her skills to find new ways for people and communities to connect.

New Beginnings Scholarship

Michigan is experiencing a shortage of professionals in skilled trade careers, and this shortage is expected to continue through 2030.3 In-demand job fields include healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction, automotive repair, and more. Careers in these fields often only require a certification or less than four years of study. However, the cost of attending a specialized program serves as a barrier for many people who might be interested in starting or moving to a career in a skilled trade.

To support students currently enrolled in a skilled trade program, those who wished to return to school, and those who planned to attend for the first time, the Lake Trust Foundation once again offered the New Beginnings Scholarship. Worth up to $7,500 each, scholarship funds could be used for books, supplies, uniforms, tools, equipment, professional dues, or tuition at a college, university, or vocational program.

In 2023, the four New Beginnings Scholarship recipients and their areas of study included:

  • Amelia Campbell of New Boston | Aviation Maintenance
  • Austin Wright of Dimondale | Welding
  • Elaina (Lain) Earl of Grand Rapids | Nursing
  • Logan Hagerty of Laingsburg | HVAC Technology

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“Being able to help someone on one of their bad days is something I enjoy and it’s something that motivates me in the field I’m going in now.”

— Logan Hagerty, 2023 New Beginnings Scholarship Recipient

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Read more about this story on:
The Lake Trust Latest
CU Today2

“Being able to help someone on one of their bad days is something I enjoy and it’s something that motivates me in the field I’m going in now.”

— Logan Hagerty, 2023 New Beginnings Scholarship Recipient

One day. Lasting impact.

On Monday, August 7, 2023, the eleventh annual Lake Trust Foundation Invitational returned to Barton Hills Country Club in Ann Arbor. The golf outing is the largest yearly fundraising event for the Lake Trust Foundation. This event supports the annual scholarship program and community outreach programs. It also makes it possible for the Foundation to give grants and donations to nonprofits throughout Michigan.

Each year, community members or organizations impacted by the Lake Trust Foundation are invited to speak about their experiences. This year, Joe, founder of Love for a Child, a nonprofit dedicated to serving children, youth, and families involved in Michigan’s foster care system, spoke at the event. Love for a Child supports families through mentorship and engaging activities, including a summer youth camp. Joe discussed the meaningful work of this nonprofit, and the importance of supporting those in Michigan’s foster care system.

Thanks to support from 32 sponsors and 151 golfers, the Lake Trust Foundation nvitational raised over $246,000. These funds will go back into Michigan communities to multiply positive impact.

1The Lake Trust Foundation is a registered 501(c) (3) organization EIN: 45-5332078. Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

2Third party website. Lake Trust Credit Union is not responsible for the content, availability, security or compliance of any linked third party websites. In addition, the site's privacy policies may differ from those of Lake Trust.

3Michigan Skilled Trades. (2023). Pure Michigan Talent Connect. Retrieved from