Skip-a-Pay Qualifications
  • Your accounts must be in good standing and the eligible loan must be current.
  • Each loan you are requesting a Skip-a-Pay must be at least 120 days (4 months) old, and all loans, including your Visa® credit card, must be current.
  • Personal revolving lines of credit, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, and commercial business loans/credit cards are NOT eligible for the Skip-a-Pay program.
  • Limit two skipped payments in one 12-month rolling period for consumer credit card loans. Limit four skipped payments for all other eligible consumer loans. Limit two skipped payments in one 12-month rolling period for eligible micro business loans.
  • Lake Trust reserves the right to deny a Skip-a-Pay request, including delinquent loans and loans that are involved in a bankruptcy or collection action.
  • See COVID-19 Skip-a-Pay Program Terms and Conditions for more details.

Even if your loan doesn't meet the criteria above (excluding personal and micro business lines of credit), we encourage you to submit a Payment Relief Request. Our team will reach out to you by email or phone to see if there is anything else we can do assist you.

Other Things to Know
  • After you submit your request, you'll receive an email of approval or denial within 3 business days.
  • Please submit your request at least 7 days before your payment is due.
  • You're still responsible for making your loan payment on time unless you receive confirmation that your Skip-a-Pay request is approved.
  • Please submit a separate request for each loan payment that you want to skip.

If you need to skip your payment, complete an application to get started.

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