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Login Process

How do I sign up for online banking?  

If you’re new to Online Banking, give us a call at 888.267.7200 or stop into any branch and let us know that you want to sign up. We’ll verify who you are and give you everything you need to access your account.

I am an authorized user on a business account. How do I log in to Online Banking?  

The login for authorized users is whatever the primary business administrator set up. Talk to the primary business owner to get the login information.

How do I reset my Online Banking username or password if I forgot it?  

Give us a call at 888.267.7200 or stop into a branch and we’ll reset your username and password.

Mobile Banking

What’s the difference between texts alerts and Text Message Banking?  

Text alerts are set up through Online Banking in the “Mobile Banking & Alerts” tab. You decide when, and if, you want notifications sent to your phone for low balances, large deposits or high payments made. However, these alerts are not in real time. Text Message Banking is when you text in one of the above codes and account information is sent to you in real time.

How do I use Text Message Banking?  

To use Text Message Banking, just activate the service through your Online Banking account. Log in to Online Banking and go to the “Additional Services” tab and locate “Mobile Banking & Alerts”. Enter your phone number and accept the terms and conditions. You’ll be guided through the set-up process.

Once you’ve activated text banking, use these codes to get account information:

  • Text “TRANS” and a dollar amount to transfer money between accounts
  • BAL: Primary account balance
  • BAL ALL: All account balances
  • BAL CHK: Balance of checking account
  • BAL SVG: Balance of savings account
  • LAST: See the last five transactions on your account
  • STOP: Unsubscribe from service
  • HELP: How to use service
How do I log in to Mobile Banking?  

To log in to the Lake Trust mobile app, you’ll need to set up an account in Online Banking from a desktop computer first. Your username and password for Online Banking will be the same for Mobile Banking. Once you set up an account on our website, you’ll have access to Mobile Banking.

I am an authorized user on a business account. How do I log in to Online Banking?  

The login for authorized users is whatever the primary business administrator set up. Talk to the primary business owner to get the login information.

How do I deposit a check with Mobile Deposit?  

Check out our handy infographic with all the steps you need to make a deposit.

Why can’t I deposit my check?  

If you tried to deposit a check and received an error message, it could be because:

  • Folded or torn corners
  • Front image is not legible
  • Routing or account numbers are not clear
  • No camera on the device
  • Image is too dark or out of focus
  • Amount entered does not match the amount on the check
Are there checks that I can’t deposit using Mobile Deposit?  

You’ll be sadly disappointed if you try to deposit the following types of checks using Mobile Deposit:

  • Stale-dated checks (six months or later)
  • Checks that are not endorsed by you or a joint account owner
  • Checks with blank payee lines
  • Money orders and savings bonds
  • Checks made payable to someone other than you or a joint account owner
  • Checks made payable to Bearer or Cash
  • Checks drawn off of a foreign institution or payable in foreign funds
  • Suspected or known fraudulent checks
  • Checks made payable to you AND a third party that is not on the account
  • Previously submitted checks through this service or through another institution
  • Checks returned as unpaid
How will I know when the check funds post to my account?  

Immediately after you submit your check images, you’ll get a confirmation number that you can email to yourself. When your deposit is processed, you’ll receive an email notification. Funds may take up to one business day to become available in your account.

What do I do with my check after I use Mobile Deposit?  

We recommend that you keep your check in a safe place for at least 45 days after your Mobile Deposit. We ask that you do this in case there are any issues with the check or deposit. Go ahead and shred the check after this time.

Do I need to sign the back of my check?  

Yes, please sign and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” the back of your check.

What types of devices support Mobile Deposit?  

Mobile Deposit is available for your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ phone using the Lake Trust Credit Union Mobile App. Please note: Android™ tablets do not support the app at this time.

How do I know if I’m eligible to use Mobile Deposit?  

All Lake Trust members with an open checking or savings account in good standing are eligible to use Mobile Deposit. Remember to enroll in Online Banking before you download the Lake Trust Credit Union app, as you’ll set-up your login information in Online Banking.

Online Banking

How do I set up an Online Banking account?  

To enroll in Online Banking, give us a call at 888.267.7200 or stop by any branch and we’ll get you set up.

What can I do in FinanceWorks?  

FinanceWorks is a free budgeting tool in Online Banking. You can set alerts for low balances, import your balances from other institutions and get a snapshot of where you’re spending your cash. Check out our blog post to see what else you can do.

How do I use Purchase Rewards?  

Activate your Purchase Rewards in Online Banking then pay for your purchases with the debit card that’s tied to that account. Here’s how you activate your Purchase Rewards.

How do I disable cookies for Online Banking in Chrome?  

If you don’t want a security code texted or emailed to you each time you log in to Online Banking from a trusted device, you’ll need to disable the cookies in your browser for Online Banking.

  • Go to the Browser Settings menu (the three-line button located at the top right of your screen)
  • Click Settings
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Show advanced settings
  • Click Content settings, located under Privacy
  • Under the Cookies option, choose either Keep local data only until you quit your browser or Block sites from setting any data depending on your preferences
  • Check the box next to Block third-party cookies and site data
  • Click Manage exceptions…
  • In the box under Hostname pattern, type in the Online Banking login address ( and click Done
How do I disable cookies for Online Banking in Internet Explorer?  

If you don’t want a security code texted or emailed to you each time you log in to Online Banking from a trusted device, you’ll need to disable the cookies in your browser for Online Banking.

  • Go to the Internet Options menu (the gear icon at the top right of the screen)
  • Click the Security tab
  • Select Trusted Sites (it should be under a green check mark)
  • Then click Sites
  • Type in the Online Banking login page address ( and click Add.
  • Close out of Internet Options and you’re good to go!
How do I disable cookies for Online Banking in Firefox?  

If you don’t want a security code texted or emailed to you each time you log in to Online Banking from a trusted device, you’ll need to disable the cookies in your browser for Online Banking.

  • Go to the Options menu (the three-line button located at the top right of your screen under the red X) Select Options
  • Click Privacy
  • Under the History panel, change the Firefox will drop down menu to Use custom setting for history
  • Select Exceptions
  • Type in the Online Banking login page address ( and click Allow. Then close the window.
  • You should be back at the Privacy menu. Toward the bottom of the menu, change the setting under
  • Accept third-party cookies to Never. Under that, change the Keep until option to I close Firefox.
  • Click Settings
  • Uncheck the box next to Cookies and click OK
  • Log in to Online Banking, verify your identity and then close Firefox
  • Open Firefox and again log in to Online Banking.


How do I access my E-Statement?  

You have automatic access to E-Statements when you sign up for Online Banking. Log in to your account and select the “E-Statements” link at the top of the Account Summary page.

How do I cancel my E-Statement?  

You can cancel E-Statements at any time. Just notify us through your Online Banking Mail Box.

How do I sign up to get E-Statement email notifications?  

If you didn't provide your email address when you accessed your E-Statement for the first time, then select the "Update Email Notification Address" link in the Online Banking menu.

How do I change my email address for E-Statement notifications?  
  • Log into your Online Banking account
  • Click Options in the menu
  • Enter your Online Banking Password
  • Enter new email address
  • Click Continue
  • Click the E-Statement button on the Accounts Summary screen to enter the E-Statement area of Online Banking. This is the new email address used for E-Statement notifications.
How do I stop receiving paper statements in the mail?  

Complete the Stop Paper Statements form to stop receiving paper statements.

How do I print my E-Statement?  

Click on the "Printable Version" link near the top of your E-Statement. A new window will open with a printable version.

Credit Score and Credit Report

What’s on my credit report?  

A credit report is the collection of account, public record, inquiry and identification information. It also includes your history of taking out and paying loans. Under federal law, you’re allowed to receive one free copy of your credit report from each credit-reporting agency every 12 months.

How do I get a copy of my credit report?  

You can request your free credit report in two ways:

How do I correct an error on my credit report?  

Contact the credit reporting agency and the company that’s reporting the incorrect information to fix an error. Learn more about how to clean up your credit report.

What’s a credit score?  

A credit score is like a quick snapshot of your credit report. Through a mathematical formula, a score is created to predict how likely you are to default on a loan payment. Check out the factors that affect your credit score.

Will shopping for different rates hurt my credit score?  

When there are multiple inquiries for your credit score in a short time frame, it’s assumed that you’re shopping around for a good rate. With the VantageScore model, there is a 14-day rolling window for credit inquiries. This means that you could have multiple inquiries for your credit score, but if they are all made within the 14-day time frame then it’ll only count as one inquiry.


Are there any tax advantages to having an IRA?  

There is a unique saver's tax credit available for qualifying taxpayers who contribute to an IRA. The credit is in addition to any applicable deduction or exclusion. To claim the credit, you must be at least age 18, not a full-time student, and not claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return. See your tax professional for more information.

Can I have both a Traditional and a Roth IRA?  

Yes, you can. But remember that you have one contribution limit per year which includes both types of IRAs. You cannot contribute the limit to each.

Do I have to make my entire IRA contribution at one time?  

It's up to you. You can make one contribution or you can spread it out over the year.

The above information is not intended as tax advice. Please consult a tax professional regarding your specific circumstances.

Consumer Loans

What can I use as collateral for a secured loan?  

You can use the funds in your Savings or Certificates of Deposit, an automobile, RV, boat, and other items of value for collateral.

If I don’t have anything to use for collateral, can I borrow money?  

You may qualify to borrow money without collateral. This could be a fixed term loan or an open-end loan such as a credit card or Line of Credit.

Direct Deposit

How do I set up Direct Deposit?  

Contact your human resource department to initiate Direct Deposit. Be prepared to provide them with:

  • Our routing number: 272078268
  • Your account number as it appears on your statement or as it appears on documentation that you received when you opened your account.
How do I set up Direct Deposit for government benefit checks?  

You can set up Direct Deposit of a government benefit check (i.e. Social Security or Supplemental Security Income) online1. You can also call the US Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at 800.333.1795. If you’re in a branch, we can help you out by sending an electronic enrollment request.

Direct Payment

How do I cancel Direct Payment?  

Notify your billers to cancel your Direct Payment.

How do I have my Direct Payment withdrawn from a new or different account?  
  • Contact the biller directly
  • Complete and submit a new enrollment form to authorize withdrawal of funds from the new account. Approval may take 30-60 days, just as it did when you first signed up.
  • Keep the old account open or cancel the Direct Payment option until all companies have processed the new information
What do I do if I didn't authorize ABC Company to deduct from my account for a Direct Payment?  
  • Contact us at 888.267.7200 or stop into a branch.
  • Sign a Written Statement Under Penalty of Perjury
  • Provide your name, account number, the date of the transaction, and amount of the unauthorized transaction

We’ll re-credit your account for the amount of the unauthorized transaction and charge it back to the originator.

Home Loans

How much does it cost to apply for a home loan?  

You can get pre-approved before find a home. For a pre-approval, Mortgage Center collects $17.50 for a credit report. When you find a home and an offer has been agreed upon, Mortgage Center collects $400 for an appraisal.

Debit Cards

What if my ATM or debit card is lost or stolen?  

Report a lost or stolen card to us immediately by calling 888.267.7200.

Are there any fees when I use my debit card for cash transactions?  

There are no fees when you use your card at ATMs owned and operated by Lake Trust Credit Union or inside the CO-OP Network. Most retailers do not charge a fee. However, when you use your cards at ATMs from other financial institutions, there may be a small fee. See our fee schedule.

How much cash can I withdraw at an ATM?  

You can withdraw up to $500 per day, provided the funds are available in your account.

Does my debit card have a spending limit?  

Your Lake Trust Debit Card has a spending limit of $3,000 per day. The spending limit is equal to the available balance in your checking account minus outstanding purchases that have not posted.

What does it mean when I use my debit card and the clerk asks "debit or credit"?  

When you use "debit", you must enter your PIN after the card has been swiped through a point of sale terminal. With PIN transactions, funds are withdrawn from your checking account when the transaction occurs.

When you reply "credit" to the clerk, it becomes a signature transaction. Instead of providing your PIN, you’ll sign to verify the transaction. With a signature transaction, funds are held in your checking account at the time of purchase until the transaction posts to your account in one to three days.

What if a purchase posts to my checking account that I didn't authorize?  

You won't be responsible for unauthorized purchases. If your Lake Trust Debit Card has been lost or stolen, or you suspect unauthorized use, report it to us immediately by calling 888.267.7200.

What do I do if I suspect fraud on my Debit/Credit Card?  

Report any suspicious activity to us immediately at 888.267.7200. If it is after-hours, please contact the Credit and Debit Card Security Department at 888.918.7313.

Can I personalize my Debit Card?  

Now you can have your favorite photo printed on your debit card! Visit, upload your photo, and pick up your personalized card at any branch. 

Visa® Reloadable Cards

How do I know the balance on my Visa® Reloadable Card?  

You can check your balance online at the PSCU website1 or by calling 866.760.3156.

Are there any transaction or reload limits? 

Purchase transactions are unlimited, up to the balance remaining on your card. However, for the protection of our cardholders, there are limits to the number and dollar amount of reloads, ATM withdrawals, and cash advances performed within a certain time period. To learn more about the current limits, refer to your Terms and Conditions.

How do I add funds to my reloadable card? 

To add more funds your Visa® Reloadable Card, visit any branch, add funds on the PSCU websiteor call PSCU at 866.760.3156.

Why was my Visa® Reloadable Card declined? 

Any authorization request that is greater than the card's available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a Visa® merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If an overdraft occurs, the cardholder will be required to either reload funds onto the card or make a payment to Cardholder Services to cover the negative amount.

How do I find an ATM when I travel with my Visa® Reloadable Card? 

Check out our ATM locator or use the ATM locator found at VISA.com1 for participating Visa® ATMs, both domestic and abroad.

What is the exchange rate when I get to another country? 

The exchange rate is determined by the rate of exchange on the date of purchase. Using your Visa® Reloadable Card at an ATM can be less expensive than using a currency exchange to get foreign currency.

Visa® Gift Card

How does a Visa® Gift Card work? 

It’s a prepaid Visa® card that can be purchased at any branch in any whole dollar amount you choose from $10 to $500. It can be used at most places Visa® debit cards are accepted. Because it’s a prepaid card, spending is limited to the amount of money on the card. When the recipient makes a purchase with the Gift Card, the purchase amount is deducted from the card balance.

Can I check the balance on my Visa® Gift Card? 

You can check your balance and transaction history 24/7 by visiting the PSCU website1 or by calling 866.902.6082 and using the automated phone system. You’ll need the account number found on the front of your card. A merchant can't tell you how much money remains on the card. Knowing your balance before use will help ensure your card is accepted. 

What should I do if my Visa® Gift Card is lost or stolen? 

If your Card is lost or stolen, call 888.267.7200 or stop in to any of our branches. You’ll need to provide the account number to cancel the Gift Card. We can then replace the Gift Card with the remaining balance, minus a $10.00 replacement fee.

What should I do if there has been a transaction error on my Visa® Gift Card? 

If you think there’s an error, such as a purchase that you don’t recognize, just call 886.902.6082.

Save to Win CD

What kinds of prizes can I win with a Save to Win CD? 

There is one annual grand prize of $100,000 that will be awarded among all participating credit unions. Monthly prizes include the following:

Partnership Monthly Prizes:  Winners will be randomly selected between all eligible account holders at all credit unions participating in the Save to Win program.

  • One (1) $1,000 Cash Prize
  • Two (2) $500 Cash Prizes
  • Four (4) $250 Cash Prizes
  • Eight (8) $125 Cash Prizes

Lake Trust Credit Union Monthly Prizes: Winners will be randomly selected between all eligible account holders at Lake Trust.

  • Two (2) $100 Cash Prizes
  • Two (2) $50 Cash Prizes
  • One (1) $25 Cash Prize
Can the Save to Win prize be awarded to a joint member? 

As long as the person is one of the account owners, the prize may be distributed to them. Lake Trust Credit Union will try to notify the primary member first, but if that person is not available to pick up the prize, we can award the prize to a joint member.

Can my deposits to a Save to Win be for any amount? 

Yes. The number of prize entries is based on the increase in your monthly balance. You'll receive ONE entry in the monthly prize drawing for every $25 increase in monthly balance in the account. The maximum number of entries per member per month is 10.

If I deposit $100, then withdraw the money within a short time, do I still get four chances to win prizes? 

If you deposit $100 at month end and then withdraw it soon after the drawing for that month, you will not get any entries for the following month. You'll have to deposit at least $25 over and above the $100 balance you had at the end of the previous month. There is only ONE withdrawal allowed during the term of the certificate (12 months) with a $25 penalty fee.

What day will the drawings for the monthly prizes be held? 

Drawings for monthly prizes will be conducted within fourteen days of the end of the month. For example, the drawing for July's entries will be held in August.

When and how will I receive my monthly prize? 

Winners will be notified by phone during the following month. For example, if you win July's monthly drawing, you'll be notified in August. The monthly cash prizes will be deposited to your savings account as interest and be listed as an Interest Adjustment.

Can I win multiple prizes? 

You cannot win more than one prize in a month, but you can win multiple months and even consecutive months. All monthly prize winners are eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

What if I put all my funds into a CD and there’s an emergency and I need some money? 

If you need extra cash from your traditional CD, you can withdraw the amount you need, starting at a minimum of $1,000, but there is a penalty on the amount you withdraw early:

  • 3 to 23-month CD: 90-day interest penalty
  • 24 to 72-month CD: 180-day interest penalty
What happens when my CD matures? 

You'll receive a notice 30 days before your CD matures that explains your options. Unless you choose not to renew, we'll automatically reinvest your funds for the same term at the current interest rate. In either case, you have a 10 business day grace period after the maturity date to withdraw all or a portion of your money without penalty.

1Third party website. Lake Trust Credit Union is not responsible for the content, availability, security or compliance of any linked third party websites. In addition, the site's privacy policies may differ from those of Lake Trust.

1 Third party website. Lake Trust Credit Union is not responsible for the content, availability, security or compliance of any linked third party websites. In addition, the site's privacy policies may differ from those of Lake Trust.

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