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More convenient than checks and safer than cash, our Business Debit Card is right for your business.

  • Use it at ATMs to make deposits, withdrawals, and more.
  • Use it instead of a check at millions of MasterCardĀ® locations in many countries throughout the world; the funds are automatically deducted from your Business Checking Account.


  • Use your Lake Trust Business Debit Card at locations around Michigan and the world.
    • Business travel and entertainment
    • Office supplies
    • Office furniture
    • Business gifts
    • Advertising
    • Internet/catalog merchants
    • Gas stations
    • Subscriptions
    • Utility bills
    • Restaurants
  • Convenient
    • More convenient than petty cash or checks. Use it for everyday expenses and spend less time reconciling petty cash.
    • Faster order delivery. Online and phone purchases can be authorized immediately for shipment.
    • Faster checkout at stores. No waiting for check approvals.
    • 24-hour banking convenience. Make deposits, withdrawals, or transfer funds between your business accounts 24 hours a day.
    • Automatic payments. Save time and money with pre-authorized automatic payments for telephone, utility, and Internet bills.
    • Worldwide acceptance. Accepted at millions of MasterCard locations in many countries throughout the world.
  • Secure - Safer than petty cash/cash on hand. Pre-set spending limits help control spending, and reduce the need for cash on hand.
  • Smart - Simplified record keeping. All transactions appear on your Business Checking Account monthly statement. Expenses are easier to track, especially at tax time.