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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is safe, confidential, convenient, and fast. Use it to electronically transfer payments you get from employers or organizations into your Lake Trust Credit Union Checking or Savings Accounts. It's a secure way to deposit payroll checks, bonuses, expense reimbursements, tax refunds, pensions, dividends, and more.

Set up Direct Deposit

Contact your human resource department to initiate Direct Deposit. Be prepared to provide them with:

  • Lake Trust's bank routing number, 272078268
  • Your account number, as it appears on your statement or as it appears on documentation that you received when you opened your account.

Government Benefit Checks

Direct Deposit of a  government benefit check (i.e., social Security, Supplemental Security Income), can be accomplished online° or by calling US Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at 800-333-1795. If you are in a branch, we may also be able to assist you by sending an electronic enrollment request.  

If you do not set up direct deposit, the Treasury Department may contact you directly and send you a Direct Express® card.

If you already receive your federal benefit payments electronically, you do not need to take any action.

Direct Payment

With Direct Payment, you may never have to write a check again. You authorize the bills you want paid automatically from your Lake Trust account. It's easy to do, and you'll save time and eliminate postage costs.

Set up Direct Payment°