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If you're planning to take a trip, here are a couple of helpful tips:

  • Call Lake Trust Credit Union to notify us of your travel plans. We'll place a note on your account and take the necessary steps to ensure your funds are available as you travel. We monitor unusual spending patterns and if we see unusual spending and don't know you're traveling, we may block your card to prevent potential fraud.
  • Make a list of all your Credit and Debit Card numbers, along with the phone numbers to report a lost or stolen card. Keep in a safe place (not your wallet or purse). For a lost or stolen Lake Trust Credit Union ATM/Debit Card, call 888.267.7200. For a lost or stolen Lake Trust Credit Union Credit Card, call 800.449.7728 (United States) and 727.572.7723 (International).
  • Many foreign banks don't allow ATM transactions from Savings Accounts. You'll need to have what money you think you'll need in your Checking Account as you may not be able to select a Savings Account to make a withdrawal.
  • ATM operations and regulations can vary from country to country and from financial institution to financial institution. Keep in mind your Lake Trust Credit Union ATM/Debit Card has daily withdrawal and spending limits. Also, withdrawal limits may be determined by the financial institution that operates the ATM and these limits may be lower than your Lake Trust Credit Union limit.
  • There is an international currency conversion fee charged through Visa when you use your Visa Credit Card.
  • You can contact the credit union at through email or Live Chat. This allows you to communicate with the credit union without incurring an international long distance phone charge.
  • Reloadable Cards are a good back-up option to Credit and Debit Cards. This prepaid debit card is replacing Traveler's Checks and is perfect for travel. You can reload 24/7 at You'll still want to give us a heads up that you'll be traveling, as we also track the use of Reloadable Cards for your safety.