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Wanna know how much moolah you could earn each month? Use our Lake Trust Rewards calculator and select the Lake Trust products and services that will earn you the most cash rewards.

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Check the box next to the Lake Trust service that you’re using to calculate your monthly rewards.

Once you have these three things, you're all set to get Lake Trust Rewards:

Add more services to get more rewards.

In the end... It all adds up!

You have THREE or more deposit accounts.
(Easy Checking, Savings, IRA, CD, etc.)
You used your debit card 25 times this month.
(Transactions must post and clear your Easy Checking account before the end of the billing cycle.)
You have THREE or more loans.
(Mortgage, Auto, Personal, etc. not including lines of credit)
The total amount of your loans is more than $20,000.
(Mortgage, Auto, Personal, etc. including lines of credit)
The total amount of your deposit accounts is more than $15,000.
The total amount of your entire Lake Trust relationship is more than $25,000.
(Easy Checking, Savings, IRA, CD, and all loans.)

Your monthly Lake Trust Rewards!

Sorry, but you will not receive any rewards.

Select your Lake Trust products or services to see your Lake Trust monthly cash rewards.
2 ATM Refunds!

The results provided by this calculator are intended for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee the actual Reward you will receive at month end posting. Here's the fine print.