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Lake Trust Teller and Man Talking

Old reliable. Whether you’re saving for the holiday season or something further into the future, we’ve got options for you.

Primary Savings Account

Required for all members

InterestMonthly FeeMinimum Balance ► More
0.05%  APY* $3.00, waived with multiple active products or $300 balance. Members 18 years of age or younger excluded. $5.00


Holiday and Special Savings Account

A special savings account that has an automatic transfer feature

InterestMonthly FeeMinimum Balance ► More
0.05%  APY*

Money Market Savings Account

The higher your balance the higher your rate.

InterestMonthly FeeMinimum Balance ► More
Up to  Up to 0.25%  APY* $10 waived with $1,000 minimum balance $0

Certificates of Deposit

Get the security at predictable earnings

InterestTermsMinimum Balance ► More
Up to  1.87%  APY*
3 - 72 Months

Save to Win CD

Monthly cash prizes

InterestTermsMinimum Balance ► More

.45% APY*

1 year


Aspire CD

Create a goal and set automatic transfers to your Aspire CD for easy savings.

InterestTermsMinimum Balance ► More
Up to  1.00%  APY*
24 Months

Select Saver CD

Open with only $50 and add to it at any time

InterestTermsMinimum / Maximum Balance ► More

Up to .50% APY*

1 - 2 Years

$50 to $2,500

Go ahead. You know you want to.


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield.  Rates as of  4-1-2017 and subject to change.