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You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when something just doesn't fit right? We know how awful that is and we don't want anyone to feel like that here. Lake Trust Rewards is a monthly cash reward program that changes and grows with you.

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The Basics 

After you have Easy Checking, Direct Deposit and E-Statements, start calculating your Rewards. Just pick the things you have or plan to have.

Lending and Savings 

How much more can you earn when you go beyond the basics? The more you have, the more you'll get rewarded.

All the Little Extras 

When you're an account warrior, you know you can earn more when you do more. You must really like us. We like you too!

The results provided by this calculator are intended for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee the actual Reward you will receive at month end posting. Here’s the fine print.

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