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Sometimes it's difficult to remember how we got from piggy banks and paper routes to checking accounts and IRAs. Learning the ins and outs of personal finance can come from many sources — lessons handed down from parent to child to occasional lessons in the classroom.

The financial world is constantly changing and your child needs to be prepared with the most updated information. Your child's financial growth is important to you. It's also important to us. 

We want to help your child learn the importance of saving for their future. Lake Trust Grow youth accounts can provide them a solid foundation to make a lifetime of smart financial decisions. We make it fun to save so they're excited to come to their Credit Union. Each time they make a deposit to their youth account, they'll get an incentive.

Whether they're saving for a new toy or their first car, Lake Trust is here to help them become financially responsible adults. Open a membership and youth account today for your child so they can grow with Lake Trust.

Teach them how to save ... the fun way!


Youth Account Age Groups

AgeFinancial Goal
0-4 years olds
The beginning of a bright financial future.
Lake Trust Ranger
5-8 years old
Learning the importance of saving and the value of money.
Junior Member
9-12 years old
First steps to becoming independent and changing financial priorities.
Teen Member
13-17 years old
Help for college planning and the start of building great credit.